DoubleJack lets influencers monetize their followings on its lottery platform

3 min readJan 27, 2021


Introducing its DJACK utility token, DoubleJack disrupts the way participants play online, introducing lottery payments, insurance, and passive income for influencers looking to monetize their followings.

Tortola (BVI), January 2021 — DoubleJack, a global fintech startup, launches DoubleJack, a lottery platform, as well as its native Tron-based TRC20 DJACK utility token. DJACK serves as an insurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) backed token for online lottery, and DoubleJack aims to establish the token as the standard unified currency in online lottery. The startup also unveils DoubleJack.Club, a program that empowers influencers to monetize their followings on the platform to earn passive income.

Influencer marketing campaigns, while interesting for their audiences, traditionally haven’t offered much for the influencers. In order to monetize their following, influencers have had to sell affiliate products, create sponsored content, sell products under their own name, do product placements, or launch a service for access to exclusive content. They were only able to monetize their following on a project-basis. DoubleJack’s influencer program harnesses the power of social media to tackle this challenge.

On the lottery platform, DoubleJack.Club rewards influencers with a substantial percentage of ticket revenue that stems from their followers, providing them with a constant stream of passive income. The influencer program also gives them the option to create their own local charities and empowers non-influencer participants to earn passive income by sending referral links to their friends.

By referring followers to DoubleJack via a provided link, users can easily become influencers and increase their passive income. The passive income raise is based on multiples of 20. Should a user introduce 20 new people to the link to DoubleJack, he or she could earn $100 a month. Users who introduce an exponential number of followers can earn more passive income, rising in club ranks from a senior member earning $ 1,250 a month to a club ambassador who earns upwards of $6 million a month in passive income.

Unlike other known global lotteries, the platform offers double jackpots, hence the name “DoubleJack.” DJACK opens access to the DoubleJack lottery portal, which will serve as a payment option for stakeholders and those looking to earn a substantial passive income. Participants simply create an account on the platform and verify KYC / AML, and they are able to purchase DJACK tokens in FIAT currencies via PayPal or a payment gateway system. DJACK also accepts cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH. The token isn’t pegged to fiat currencies, thus steering clear of the inflationary effects or governmental concerns associated with fiat-pegged coins.

As lottery and online casino worlds merge, there is a demand from participants to obtain their winnings instantly and safely. As such, DoubleJack plans to create an insurance company and ILS fund to partner with traditional reinsurance companies in this branch. Players, service providers, insurance companies, and institutional investors can benefit from this fast-growing industry. The startup plans to establish a captive insurance company for all providers of online lottery sites to register and certify with DoubleJack. The DJACK token will enable the automatic obtaining of necessary insurance premiums and instant payouts of winnings in the moment of events, also without geo-blocking or any danger of being banned in different jurisdictions.


About DoubleJack

DoubleJack is a fintech company with its own lottery and gaming platform powered by DJACK, the Tron-based utility token, which will be developed to serve as an insurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) backed token for online lottery and a passive income system.

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